PHYS/ECE 464 Laser Physics I - Fall 2020

Final Exam, Friday Nov. 20th,    3-5pm ,    PAIS  1100

No class (Zoom) on Monday, 11/23

Next Zoom Lecture: Nov.30th  

  • Monday 10/12 lecture will be held face-to-face in PAIS 1100.    Review
  • Class meeting times: Mondays, Wednesdays 16:00- 17:15   
  • Lectures will be held either in-class (with social distancing- PAIS 1100) but mostly on Zoom.   
  • Students will be notified in advance (before noon) in rare occasions when face-2-face format will be used that day.  
  • Exams (Midterm and Final) will be held in-class (PAIS 1100).  
  • Enrolled students must register for Zoom Lectures (Click Here)  -  Passcode will be emailed to  enrolled students 


Textbook:Laser Electronics By Joseph T. Verdeyen


Reference Textbooks:

Pre-requisites: E&M, Undergraduate Physics, Modern Physics, Knowledge of Differential Equations, Linear & Complex Algebra.

Teaching Assistant: 

Mingyang Zhang  

TAs Office Hours:8-10 am Tuesdays  (email in advance)

Homework problem sets will be assigned on a regular basis throughout the semester, most likely one set per week.

There will be two exams: One Midterm and the Final Exam. Tentative Test Date (subject to change):

  • Midterm:  Wednesday, Oct. 14  (4-6pm)
  • Final (or Midterm-2):  Monday, Nov. 23 (4-6pm) 

 Check the UNM's Office of Registrar for possible changes in the Final exam schedule.


The final grade is weighted as follows:

  • Midterm: 25%-35%*
  • Final: 60%-50%*
  • Homework: 15%

*Final Grade will be evaluated using the best of Final+Midterm scores based on above variable weighting factors.  

Laser Lab Tour: (Friday, Dec. 4- assuming allowed by then)
E-mail me if interested

LASERS: solution looking for a problem The Movie

Past Exams

Final Formula Sheet

Modelocking Tutorial

Cool Sites

Power Point Lectures

Course Syllabus

  1. Introduction (historical overview) [1 lecture]
  2. Review of E&M theory (Chapter 1) [2 lectures]
  3. Ray Tracing (ABCD matrix method) (Chapter 2) [3 lectures]
  4. Gaussian Beams (Chapter 3) [4 lectures]
  5. Optical Cavities (Chapter 5 & 6) [2 lectures]
  6. Gain Medium (field-atom interaction) (Chapter 7) [5 lectures]
  7. Laser Oscillation (Chapter 8) [4 lectures]
  8. General Laser Characteristics (Chapter 9) [6 lectures]
  9. Various Laser Systems (Parts of Chapters 10 & 11) [3 lectures]

Homework and Reading Assignments


Due Date



Reading Assignments


Monday 8/31PDF 

all chapter 1 (skip 1.8)


Monday 9/7PDF 

2.1-2.8, 2.11, 2.13


Monday 9/21PDF

all chapter 3


Monday 9/28PDF

4.7, all chapter 5


Monday 10/5PDF

all chapter 6


Monday 10/12PDF

all chapter 7


Midterm I:  Wed. Oct. 14, Correction: Covers Chapters 1-6 
PAIS 1100,  Closed Book, Closed Notes, No Calculator
You will be provided with the midterm Formula Sheet: PDF 

EXAM I (Solution)    Statistics 


Wed. Oct. 21PDF



Wed. Oct. 28PDF



Wed. Nov. 4PDF

9.3-9.8, 4.7 


Wed. Nov. 11PDF

Chapters 10, 11


Wed. Nov. 18PDF

Specific Laser Systems (pdf)


Final Exam,  Friday Nov. 20, 3:00-5:00 pm  (PAIS Room 1100)

Comprehensive, Closed book, Closed notes

 2020 Final Formula Sheetpdf

Exam Rules

Closed Book, Closed Notes, No Calculators, No Cell Phones (Please turn off)
Calculator and formula sheet will be provided to each student

Past Exams